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40 years running (founded 1981)

The Saturday Morning Early Start, formerly called the Long Run Group, is an unofficial group of people 

who like to run more than the 5-6 miles that we usually do at the ESR Saturday morning runs and/or who would like to start their run earlier than 8:30. We start at the same location as the Saturday runs, but show up between 7:00 and 7:30 (varies by week) and sometimes as early as 6:30. Most of the time we return to the start to join the 8:30 group, but sometimes we're out doing a long loop and don't get back until after 8:30. The group is "unofficial" because no maps are handed out, there will be no course markings, and no one will be sweeping the course. We start off together, but eventually split up as people run different paces, so each runner is responsible for getting themselves back to the start. The group is led by ESR member, Sue Maybee, who can be reached at smaybee222@gmail.com.

Sat, Dec 3, North Bend, 7:30
Run an out-and-back along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail in either direction. Go as far as you want. Return to the start by 8:30.  Sue will not be at this run.

Sat, Dec 10, Mercer Island, 7:30 (may end up being Seward Park)
Run an out-and-back from the park and across I-90. Go as far as you want. Return to the start by 8:30. Sue won't be at this run.

Sat, Dec. 17, Gene Coulon Park, 7:30
Run south from the park toward Renton Landing and run on the sidewalk along the right side of the shopping center. Turn right on 6th St. and then left onto the Cedar River Trail. Go as far as you want. Return to the start by 8:30. 




There is a small group of ESR members participating in the following races. These are not supported by ESR. Just something fun that a few of us are doing. Feel free to join us.

Stay tuned for a spring race.

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