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Girls on the Run Running Buddies

Share a girl’s exhilaration and excitement as she crosses the finish line of her first 5K. For many girls, this is the biggest challenge and greatest accomplishment of their Girls on the Run experience. Most important for each girl is having her very own Running Buddy by her side.

What is a Running Buddy? 
A Running Buddy runs, walks, skips or hops with a GOTR girl during her two 5K experiences: on-site at the Practice 5K on November 18 (Monday) or November 19 (Tuesday) and at the Girls on the Run 5K on Saturday December 7 in Seward Park. That means keeping pace with the girl, ensuring her safety, and cheering her on!

What are the requirements?

  • Must be 16 years or older by November 18.
  • Running Buddies are required to read and watch training materials.
  • Running Buddies must consent to a background check.
  • Must attend both 5K events. Each Running Buddy is matched with a specific girl based on walking/running pace.
  • Make a contribution of $25 to GOTR to cover the cost of 5K registration. Contribution can be waived on a case-by-case basis.
  • Must be fun-loving, patient and supportive!


Be a Running Buddy! Visit www.girlsrun.org/running-buddy to learn more or to register online! Registration ends November 3, 2013. Contact Anna at anna@girlsrun.org or 206-528-2118 with questions.

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